Apricot seed URBECH

The benefits and effects of apricot seeds are invaluable. There are even special sorts of apricots with big seeds and big kernels inside. Such kernels are used instead of almonds. Not all apricot seeds have an unpleasant taste: there are also sweet kernels with high nutrition properties: 70% of these kernels consist of slightly sweet, precious edible oil and 20% – of protein.


Quern-stone rubbed Apricot seeds kernels – 100%

Nutrition value (100 gr): proteins – 25 gr, carbohydrates – 2,8 gr, fat – 45,4 gr.
Minerals: potassium, calcium, phosphor, magnesium, iron.
Contains polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3


Energy value:
534 kcal / 2235 kJ

Experts about Vivra


A few centuries ago people were eating millet bread rich in vitamin B17, but nowadays we prefer the white bread that does not contain this vitamin. Independent research proved that people of Himalayan Hunza people had never heard of cancer when their daily diet was rich in millet and apricots. But as soon as Western food was introduced, those people started to suffer from cancer.


35 years ago apricot seeds were proved to be a remedy against all known forms of oncological diseases. Scientists claim that cancer cells will never grow in the body of those who include these seeds in their daily diet. This is similar to the fact that a person who eats an orange a day will never suffer from scurvy.

Brown flaxseed URBECH


White flaxseed URBECH with honey

with honey




Apricot seed URBECH


Honey Soufflé

Mountain herbs


Урбеч VIVRA Nuts Ассорти орехов

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